Trust gets you killed, Love gets you hurt & Being real gets you hated.

It's a sad time when a girl loses a boy to a slut.

I'm not pretty, I'm not perfect, I'm not smart, I'm not athetic, I'm not proper, I'm not fake cause I'm just me.

I am not looking for a perfect person, I am looking for a person who can love my imperfections perfectly and happy with me.

Just because he doesn't realize it, doesn't mean that you're not beautiful!

Love is my thing

I didn't change, I grew up. You should try it sometime!

she just wants, Just wants and wants

I wish I could have this momment for life

Smile at People...

Cause Youre not losing anything by giving someone a smile. Right?

Friends are Better then Angels...

Because we can see our Friends :) <3

swag swag swag... or?

I love To Get to know you but you should do the first move *Hint*

My smile is as fake as your promises.

A dream is simply a wish that your heart makes when you're asleep.

I love you!

Some people act like they care, reality. they ain't fucking care

My life. My choices. My mistakes. My lessons. Not your business.

Some Things are better unspoken

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