swag swag swag... or?

I love To Get to know you but you should do the first move *Hint*

My smile is as fake as your promises.

A dream is simply a wish that your heart makes when you're asleep.

I love you!

Some people act like they care, reality. they ain't fucking care

My life. My choices. My mistakes. My lessons. Not your business.

Shoes Shoes shoes!!

It's a lot easier to admit you are mad than admit you are hurt.

Mary-Kate Olsen There has to be something wrong! Whats up with that face and Hair!! and youre on youre way to an WEDDING!!

I have Nothing more to say then that youre 25 years old FOR GOD SAKE!!

She is gettin an 5 of 10

Do you ever Think about me and smile?

Oh My!! Vanessa Hudgens You really Know How to dress right!! Amazing! :D

Youve got it all right from Head to toe!! even The smile!!

She is gettin 9 of 10

Mr.Know it all

So True a Lyrics can be!! Awesome!!

Have fun. Live. Love. Smile. ♥

Oopss! Dear AnnaLynne Mccord What are you wearing?

Like Seriously Every singel piece it self is Gorgeous but Togehter?... Not so well I`m afraid.

Thank God Youre Pretty face and Beautiful smile Helped you out!

She is Gettin 4 of 10

Karma Hits You back!

Dear Mary-Kate Olsen whats Up?

You look Gorgeous but where is the smile?

Bad Mary Bad! Havent you heard a smile fullfills youre outfit? to bad youre outfit was really next to perfect!

She gets 9 of 10

More Then 100 words...

My Expensive "must have"

OMG! Amazing Purse all girls Should Have!

I can see myself in those shoes with an white skirt and some Random shirt ;)

OMFG! I want these BADLY!! I can just Imagine how everyone Reacts when I come with these to school.

Come On Everyone wants an LV Purse... To bad I cant efort it :/

My Wardrobe :D... I wish!

The Whole Outfit can move to my Wardrobe.. exept the Hat :D

Juice Couture in my Heart!! :')

Hahah I want more But well I cant Efort the Half of those Things :P well One day I will efort them! <3

Homework Makes My Life shorter -.-

I`m sorry I`m not Updating I`m Kinda Busy Doing Homework :/ Hate it But I promised I would Show aPicture of me If I reach 30 Visiters well I did so Here you Go A picture :)

This Picture Is The Best I got Right Now Promise I show You another one Soon ;)

Some Things are better unspoken

Hate when people...

...compare me to other girls. I'm me, and they are them.

New Pics From Vanessa Hudgens!

  • Hair; I love Her New Hair style and how she is using the Hair to complete the whole outfit
  • Outfit; GORGEOUS! everyting matches! Just Perfect!
  • Shoes; Lovley They Fit The Outfit perfectly

She is gettin 10 of 10

The English Generation!

I`m Changing This Blogg to English Cause Like I said Before I have a Litte Fandom Called QuoteHearts and I want them to Read My blogg without using Google Translate wich maked everyting I posted Like an Joke!

So From Now on I`m going to Blogg in English ;)

Quote - I always pretend or act like things never bother me but really, I think about it all the time

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