Happy New Year!!

Love is my thing

I didn't change, I grew up. You should try it sometime!

At my besties place

Hello, what's up? I'm at my best friends house. We're chilling, listening to One Directions amazing album and just having fun. It's New Years today..oh my god already 2012, I'm soo excited! This is going to be a very good year! I hope :) haha, anyway..how are you guys going to celebrate tonight? Be careful for the fireworks people!!
Take care! & have an awsome day!!






Love is Faith...

Sometimes I wonder why I act like I act when I'm around you.
Maybe 'cause I`m afraid to let my walls down... or 'cause I'm acctuelly in love... for real.

I need You!

I think about you everyday, I think I'm falling for you... HARD! , Please fall for me too!! :)

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